Shori helped a little lamb . . .

Children’s classes run by West Berkshire Bahá’í Community
Elizabeth, age 9, with her picture about compassion

“One day Shori was walking in the countryside and saw a little lamb whose leg was caught in a fence. Shori gently removed the leg and put a bandage on it. Shori showed compassion to the lamb.” 

This was one of the stories about compassion told to youngsters at the West Berkshire Bahá’í Community children’s class recently.

After hearing tales and singing songs about the quality, the children – aged 8 to 11 – did drawings to illustrate what it means to them.

Class leader Myra Erbenova said: “When someone we know has a problem or is sad, we should do our best to be understanding and to help him or her.

“We must be compassionate and kind with everyone, under all conditions, like the tree that gives fruit to one and all, even to those who throw stones at it.”

More details about the children’s classes can be found on our children page.