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Children’s classes in Newbury

The regular classes are held on Sunday mornings in Newbury from  9:30 -10:30

Myra Erbenova, who leads the children’s classes, said: “These classes are designed to help ensure that children grow strong intellectually, morally and spiritually. The Bahá’í writings attach great importance to the periods of childhood and youth, providing clear guidance to parents and communities to raise children in a nurturing and unambigious environment.”

She added: “Each Sunday we do a variety of activities each connected to a subject which is important to Bahá’ís. So, for example, we will recite and memorise prayers, sing songs and memorise quotations and then maybe hear a story, play a game and do a colouring.”

For more details, email for information.



Baha’u’llah said, in a Tablet (translated from the Persian) [14]: “That which is of paramount importance for the children, that which must precede all else, is to teach them the oneness of God and the laws of God.

“For lacking this, the fear of God cannot be inculcated, and lacking the fear of God an infinity of odious and abominable actions will spring up, and sentiments will be uttered that transgress all bounds…

“The parents must exert every effort to rear their offspring to be religious, for should the children not attein this greatest of adornments, they will not obey their parents, which in a certain sense means that they will not obey God. Indeed, such children will show no consideration to anyone, and will do exactly as they please.” Compiled by the Research Department of the Universal House of Justice, A Compilation on Baha’i Education (Haifa: Baha’i World Centre, August 1976) P. 3. Available from

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