Prayers for Children

Recently, the children at the Newbury’s Children Class have been studying the topic of a Prayer. They now know that it is the ‘greatest longing of every soul’ and have been doing a number of activities to reinforce the subject. The regular Children Classes are open to all children aged 5-11 and provide them with spiritual and moral education.

Children Classes


It is the greatest longing of every soul who is attracted to the Kingdom of God to find time to turn with entire devotion to his Beloved, so as to seek His bounty and blessing and immerse himself in the ocean of communion, entreaty and supplication

A Prayer



Intone, O My servant, the verses of God that have been received by thee,
as intoned by them who have drawn nigh unto Him, that the sweetness of thy melody may kindle thine own soul, and attract the hearts of all men


Children Acting






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