Knowledge is Essential for Human Progress

IMG_20170312_105046                                                                                       The children have been learning about the importance of gaining knowledge of the sciences and arts in order to build a better world. We are encouraged to learn these,  as well as to acquire spiritual knowledge that comes from the teachings of God.

These teachings give us a deeper understanding of the world around us and inspire us to use our knowledge for the benefit of others, to remove conflict and to promote cooperation and harmony.

Exert every effort to acquire the various branches of knowledge and true understanding. Strain every nerve to achieve both material and spiritual accomplishments.


To illustrate the importance of gaining knowledge, the children learned about Susan Moody, an American who lived in the early 1900s. Susan started studying medicine at the age of 52 and several years later decided to work as a doctor in Tehran, Iran.

IMG_20170312_105322Susan was aware of the religious traditions there and that many women considered it improper to show their faces to a male doctor. As there was a pressing need for female doctors in Iran, Susan soon established a medical practice and was helping in the education of girls and women.

She died in Iran at the age of 83, after having spent some twenty years of her life applying the knowledge she gained to better her new homeland and helping others, especially women, to have the opportunity to do the same.