Are you content, even when things go wrong?

Contentment will be the subject for eight to 11 year olds in the first children’s class of 2012 – on Sunday 29 January.

Myra Erbenova, who leads the classes, said: “In spite of all the suffering that filled His life, ‘Abdu’l-Bahá never became disheartened. Through the most grave and difficult times, He remained content and thankful to God.

“He used to tell the friends that it is easy to be content when everything is going well, when one is healthy and living in comfort. What is more difficult is to feel happy and content in times of trouble, in times of illness and hardship.”

The children will sing a song about contentment and memorise the quotation – ‘The source of all glory is acceptance of whatsoever the Lord hath bestowed, and contentment with that which God hath ordained’. They will hear a story about how misfortune can turn into a blessing.

More details about the children’s classes can be found on our children page.