Celebrating Naw-Ruz with family in Thames Valley

Naw-Ruz in Thames Valley Baha'is celebrate Naw-Ruz in 2012
Three generations of Baha'is celebrate Naw-Ruz together in 2012 in the Thames Valley.

Family is important to Bahá’ís throughout the world, so for three generations of Bahá’ís living in West Berkshire there was nothing better than getting together to celebrate Naw-Ruz.

All three generations of the same family, as well as their friends, celebrated the Bahá’í New Year by going out for a meal, then gathered together to continue the celebration with prayers, socialising and more food in Newbury.

Myra Erbenova said: “Naw-Ruz is a very important day for Bahá’ís everywhere. It symbolises new beginnings in all aspects of life. It’s the dawn of a new day for the whole of mankind and when we look forward to a united world.”

Most societies and cultures recognise the family as a necessary and fundamental unit, but many changes are occurring to threaten its well-being and the happiness of its members. Bahá’ís recognise the family is a microcosm of the world.

Myra said: “The family’s unity must be preserved if the unity and peace of our planet is to be realised.”

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