Time to Unwind is back

‘Time to Unwind’ prayer and meditation meetings have resumed after their autumn/winter break. The meetings, which cover a wide range of subjects from Hope to Humility to Love, are currently being held on Tuesdays in Newbury from 8pm to 10pm. The sessions are open to all newcomers. They are often simple and accommodate participants regardless of their religious background. Music, food and discussion often feature, but the main purpose is … Continue reading Time to Unwind is back

Bob says his prayers

‘Our friend Bob’ will start his third ‘Way of Mastery’  session in Newbury on Tuesday (18 October) with prayers from across the Faiths.   Bob started holding regular, monthly ‘Way of Mastery’ classes in the town following his pilot session at a Time to Unwind evening in June.   ‘Way of Mastery’ is affectionately referred to as ‘The PathWay’. It is  based around the fact that: “Whatever our … Continue reading Bob says his prayers

Happiness, happiness!

Happiness is a subject much talked about these days and it’s something which West Berkshire Bahá’ís will be delving into at their ‘Time to Unwind’ evening on Wednesday (31 August). The prayer and meditation devotional evening will explore: “Supreme honour and real happiness lie in self-respect, in high resolves and noble purposes, in integrity and moral quality, in immaculacy of mind. “No matter how far the material … Continue reading Happiness, happiness!