Support for Baha’is in Ivel

Thames Valley Bahai Community has welcomed the comments of Diane Ala’i, representative of the Baha’i International Community to the United Nations in Geneva,  after the demolition of Baha’i homes in the Iranian village of Ivel.

News from Ivel received widespread attention from further afield – in the world’s news media and online news services, including a host of Persian language outlets. Various websites published accounts of the incident, with several offering places for comments by readers.

Ms Alai said: “After enduring so much persecution for so long, we are certain that the Baha’is of Ivel appreciate the support of people from all over the world – including many sympathetic Iranian citizens – who have taken the time to express their outrage over this latest incident.”

West Berkshire Bahai Shawn Khorassani said: “Bahais in West Berkshire agree with Ms Alai. This kind of support is essential. Ultimately this is the story of an undaunted spirit and a commitment to social good that continues to enable the Baha’is to transcend their prolonged persecution and be active participants in the social and economic development of their village.”