Personal message from the heart

West Berkshire Bahá’i Ferdous Khorassani has a personal message from the heart for the seven Bahá’is awaiting the second session of their trial in Tehran. Ferdous celebrates her birthday on 7 February, the same day the trial is due to resume.

She said: “I’m lucky that I will be celebrating my 70th birthday in freedom. I will be thinking of these seven, their conditions in jail and the fact that they are separated from their family and friends and I pray that the seven will soon be released. The fact that I am free makes my thoughts of these seven all the more poignant.

“Like other Bahá’is, I consider that the freedom of religion and belief – of Muslims, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Bahá’is and all other religious expressions – is a fundamental right for democracy, both in the east and west.”