Ducks ‘talk’ to children . . .

Myra Erbenova goes back to school - talking about the Bahá’í Faith

West Berkshire Bahá’í  Myra Erbenova loves using innovative ways of bringing the Bahá’í Faith to life when she gives lessons at a local school.

This is how she recently brought to life the fact that Bahá’í s all over the world work towards unity and serving others:

“To illustrate this, I read a story about a duck  where the duck is contemplating what to do with her life. She finally decides to help the old ducks that are too weak to find their own food.”

Myra often gives talks at schools throughout West Berkshire. If you would like to know more about this or the Bahá’í Faith in general, please call the West Berkshire’s Bahá’í Community on 07964 676461 and leave a message.

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