Attitude of mind is important for prayer

Bahá’ís across the Thames Valley got together on Saturday 9 July to commemorate the date in 1850 that the Bab – one of two main figures in the founding of their Faith – was executed by firing squad in Iran, then called Persia.

This major holy day marks the events surrounding the Bab’s death. The Bab (a title meaning ‘the Gate’) had many followers, but his beliefs did not meet with approval from leaders of Persia’s state religion, and they decided he should be taken from prison and put to death.

Shawn Khorassani, a West Berkshire Bahá’í, said: “It is the attitude of mind in which prayer is made that is important, not the language itself. 

“To Bahá’ís, prayer is more than making requests to God: it’s more like a conversation with God in contrast to meditation, which is like a conversation with one’s inner spirit. Prayer is a vital part of Bahá’í spiritual life.”

The remains of the Bab are now entombed in Haifa, Israel, in a beautiful shrine on Mount Carmel.

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