With love for Mr Fazlullah Hayati . .


Mr Fazlullah Hayati with Baha'i Friends
Mr Fazlullah Hayati with Baha'i Friends

These words have been written by Burhan Hayati:

Mr Fazlullah Hayati passed away in the early hours of Monday 13 September 2010.

Mr Hayati was born Kashan Iran. At age of 24 years, he rushed to the arena of service following the historic call of the beloved Guardian to the Ten Year Crusade. He pioneered to the Arabian Peninsula, accepting pioneering posts to various countries within that region.

At age of 27 he pioneered to Karbila in Iraq where he stayed for five years during which time he got married to his wife Tahereh. This was followed by a further eight years in Baghdad. He then pioneered to Riyadh in Saudi Arabia where he settled for 12 years.

In 1982, he moved to Slough, England where he settled ever since. During his stay in England, he accepted a short term pioneering post to Aden where he helped forming the Assembly in Aden in 1993.

Mr Hayati is succeeded by his wife Tahereh, three sons, Iqan, Burhan and Imkan, three daughters-in-law and six grandchildren. He was aged 80 years.


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