Prayers for the seven Bahá’í leaders

Prayers will be said tomorrow (10 April) by members of the Bahá’í Faith in West Berkshire – the expected third court date for the seven Bahá’í leaders imprisoned in Iran.

The seven defendants have been responsible for tending to the spiritual and social needs of the country’s 300,000 Bahá’ís since the formal dissolution of Bahá’í institutions in 1983. In January this year, the seven were presented with formal charges including espionage and ‘corruption on earth’.

Shawn Khorassani, a West Berkshire based Bahá’í, said: “April 10 is an important day for Bahá’ís around the world, as it’s the third court date for the Bahá’í leaders who’ve been imprisoned in Tehran’s notorious Evin prison for two years now.

“Members of the Bahá’í Faith in West Berkshire will be saying prayers for the leaders on the day of the next trial session and we hope others will pray for them too.

“Lawyer Cherie Blair stated earlier this year that the trial of the Bahá’í leaders should matter to all who care about human rights. In Iran, the fight for human rights is a matter of life and death for the Bahá’í Community among others.”

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