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200 Anniversary of the birth of the Bab


Beautiful Video , introducing the history of the Faith


How do you celebrate 200th Anniversary of the Birth of a Man who changed the world?

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Bicentenary Birth of the Bab

Underground University



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Solution in one Sentence


The well-being of mankind, its peace and security, are unattainable unless and until its unity is firmly established.

The Innate Nature of Man


In the innate nature of things there is no evil—all is good. This applies even to certain apparently blameworthy attributes and dispositions which seem inherent in some people, but which are not in reality reprehensible. For example, you can see in a nursing child, from the beginning of its life, the signs of greed, of anger, and of ill temper; and so it might be argued that good and evil are innate in the reality of man, and that this is contrary to the pure goodness of the innate nature and of creation. The answer is that greed, which is to demand ever more, is a praiseworthy quality provided that it is displayed under the right circumstances. Thus, should a person show greed in acquiring science and knowledge, or in the exercise of compassion, high-mindedness, and justice, this would be most praiseworthy. And should he direct his anger and wrath against the bloodthirsty tyrants who are like ferocious beasts, this too would be most praiseworthy. But should he display these qualities under other conditions, this would be deserving of blame.

When Heart is Pure a blank letter says it all


Bahai Gardens at Eurovision Song Contest 2019


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