We must search after the truth


The final session on the topic of ‘Seeking Knowledge’ started with a discussion on how we acquire knowledge. We spend our lives striving to learn about the world around us and searching after the truth. This requires us to be attentive – to listen, to observe, to think deeply. We strive, and we persevere. Often we make mistakes, but our understanding increases as we think about what we did and continue to put forth effort.

He must search after the truth to the utmost of his ability and exertion, that God may guide him in the paths of His favor and the ways of His mercy.

IMG_20170430_101229The regular children classes on moral and spiritual education of children in Newbury are led by youth aged 14-16 years old. Here is the summary of the lesson prepared by one of the young teachers:

We started off the lesson with prayers, as usual. We then told the children the theme for the lesson: Searching after the Truth and taught them a  quote about that very theme. Afterwards, we sang a song and played a game outside.

The participants had to look around the garden to find little cards with simple pictures drawn on them: a flower, the sun, a house, etc. IMG_20170430_112846 (2)They had to memorise all the drawings that they could find and after five minutes had elapsed, the children came together and attempted to remember all the pictures that they had seen and write them down on a piece of paper. This made them not only get a breath of fresh air, but also practice the art of knowledge because of the memorisation.

The children seemed to enjoy this particular activity and after that we all went back inside to once again recall the quote learned previously and also to draw pictures with the theme of knowledge.

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