Bob puts his second building block in place

‘Our friend Bob’ will be putting more building blocks in place when he holds his second ‘Way of Mastery’  session in Newbury on Wednesday (10 August).
Following Bob’s pilot session at a Time to Unwind evening in June, he is holding regular, monthly ‘Way of Mastery’ classes in Newbury. Wednesday 10 August will be his second.
‘Way of Mastery’ is affectionately referred to as ‘The PathWay’. It is  based around the fact that: “Whatever our backgrounds, all of us share a common suffering, and a common longing.

We are moved by the desire to grow, heal and know so that we can create and experience deeper fulfillment, peace, and contribution to others.”

Everyone is invited along to participate. For more details about these activities, please call the West Berkshire’s Bahá’í Community on 07964 676461 or email