First day of spring heralds a new year

For most people in West Berkshire, 21 March won’t anything out of the ordinary. But for the area’s Bahá’í Community, it will be their New Year’s Day.

The Bahá’í New Year, also known as Naw-Ruz (which means New Day), coincides with the start of spring and is the year 167 in the Bahá’í calendar, which dates from 1844 (birth of the Bahá’í Faith).

Myra Erbenova, a member of the Bahá’í Faith in West Berkshire, said: “As the official start of spring, this is a perfect time to celebrate starting afresh and committing ourselves to a spiritual awakening. Just as everything is coming alive after the winter, Bahá’ís view the New Year as a time of promise and hope for unity.”

Naw-Ruz is often celebrated with an evening of prayers from the Bahá’í scriptures, music, dance and food. For more details about the Bahá’í Faith, please call 07964 676461.

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