Just one step of love for the Thames Valley Bahá’í Community

With love firmly in many people’s minds during February, Thames Valley Bahá’í  Community discussed love at their ‘Time to Unwind’ prayer and meditation devotional evening on 23 February.

It’s often said that love makes the world go round. And around the time of Valentine’s Day many people think a little more deeply about what love means to them.

Thames Valley Bahá’í  Community members put words into action and opened up their hearts to anyone who wanted to either just learn a little about ‘what the Bahá’í religion is all about’ or become more involved in the group.

Shawn Khorassani, who attends the regular Bahá’í meeetings on Wednesday evenings in Newbury, said: “Some very interesting people attended our ‘Time to Unwind’ meeting to talk about ‘love’ – it was good to welcome newcomers. We are always pleased to have new people come along.”

Bahá’ís are taught, in The Hidden Words of Bahá’u’lláh: “Thou art but one step away from the glorious heights above and from the celestrial tree of love.”

Participants in the devotional evening on Wednesday 23 February will discuss what love means to Bahá’ís.

For more details about these meetings or any other aspect of the Bahá’í Faith in West Berkshire, please call 07964 676461 or or email myra@khorassani.com

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